Integration of the PayPal Payment into the APP

Integration of the PayPal Payment into the APP

Good morning. I am new to Thunkable X. I am developing an APP with Thunkable X Starter version
as of today 20 October 2022. It is an APP that I intend to publish on the Google PlayStore and on the APP Store.
I need to use PayPal payment. I found an old paid version PayPal at this link of “cttricks”:

Interesting but the steps are not well understood and it is not updated as of today 20 October 2022.
In fact, there are several errors in the test phase.

I have sent messages several times but no one answers me. What happen? Who should I contact
to have a more updated version to date and with clearer explanations? Maybe even a video explaining the various steps? Also willing to pay for the aforementioned work.
Thank you.

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Payment gateways are not the easiest of tasks to dive in even for an experienced developer. Most if not all payment gateways require authentication process and session tracking to insure privacy, security and integrity.

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