Is there any way through which I can put a Payment Integrated Gateway in my Thunkable App?

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I needed help in something…
Actually, I have created an app through which people can buy products made by me. The rest I have managed, but actually there’s a problem: I don’t know how people will make payments through my app. I have tried finding APIs of many payment gateways such as PayPal and Paytm, but they require paying. I thought of one more way; leading the user to a URL through which they’ll make payments but then, I thought that how will I ensure that the user has ACTUALLY made the payments or not? And I even thought of using the Bitcoin component but the problem with that is that in the county I live in (India), many people don’t have eMoney.

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Yes, you can. There is a sample STRIPE app to show others how to integrate such function.

See the article STRIPE payment example

Hi @muneer66 and @thecodingmasterabeer

I’ve asked about this myself and this feature is not currently available.

According to Thunkable they are working on it.

You can however use the Stripe API instead, there’s a demo app here:

However, the API method isn’t confirmed working in production yet, as Google (and probably Apple) requires in-app payments to go through them. As long as whatever you are selling is not an in-app purchase (for example online shopping or ordering real products), you should be fine.

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No sir, you are mistaken. You are confused between in app purchase and e-commerce payments for goods and services.

In app purchases can only be done through Google/Apple stores but this has no connection in anyway of how you use your app to sell goods.

I’m saying this because I have an application designed for a client uses a payment gateway in Bahrain which is in the Google Play Store as a pre-release (called “early access” in the store) app and there was no issue from Google.

I’m not ‘mistaken’, I’m also not ‘confused’.

There wouldn’t be an issue from Google (though this may differ per country), if the payment was for something that wasn’t to do with the app. But we can’t be certain because Google can easily deny an app based on what they define as an in-app purchase or not.

That’s why I said this:

I know what I have written is verified facts and that all what matters

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I am looking for ways too
could you please confirm if we can integrate payment gateway API for physical products?
ADALO is limited only to stripe and I think does not accept 3rd party payment API gateway

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You can use your preferred payment gateway for physical products without problems just be sure you wouldn’t sell apps or subscription to your app or other products sold by the App Store/Play Store.

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That’s not “all that matters”.

I’m saying that we wrote the same thing. The only difference is that in your country it was allowed, in Europe and America, that isn’t allowed. Either you ran my reply through a translator and it didn’t make sense, or you’re just being obstinate.

Here, in-app payments for in-app goods, such as coins or skills MUST go through Apple or Google.

But, in-app payments for physical goods or external digital goods, are okay.

I’m only giving information for the EU and America. I don’t think the payment rules in Bahrain will have much relevance for the users on this forum. Therefore, that information could be confusing to the tens-of-thousands of other users, from countries that have more strict payment conditions, in the EU, for example:

Google do not allow payments for in-app goods through 3rd party payment gateways.

Next time, read what someone else writes, instead of just giving statements for Bahrain ONLY.

This is from Google Developer Policy Center

Is this enough evidence to you.

Read for yourself

except for the following cases:

Payment is solely for physical products
Payment is for digital content that may be consumed outside of the app itself (e.g. songs that can be played on other music players).

Happy Thunking

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