SQL Internals Quiz Demo


A friend of mine and me, made this app. It’s a Quiz to test your knowledge on SQL Server internals. My friend made the Q&A and me the app.

It’s a demo version with 24 questions but it’s not perfect at the moment and I wish to have some feedback.

Many thanks to
@Taifun, @Juan_Antonio, @Carlos_Pedroza for their extensions I’ve used and @Helios for http://community.thunkable.com/t/making-a-material-title-bar/1700

You can download it from Google Play or use QR Code qr-code

Please remember that, by default the app runs in Tutorial mode so your answers are not saved. If you want to play the quiz, go to settings and enable the quiz mode. When you quit the app (and you are in quiz mode), your answers will be saved.

I can accept every every bad opinion in order to make it better.

Thank you for your time.


Great idea! So I will send you in addition to your product my apps. Look here:
http://appstore.bplaced.net/appstore/SQLScripting/ - SQL Scripting Examples for T-SQL, MySQL and Oracle
as a web app:
http://appstore.bplaced.net/appstore/SQLearningApp/SQLLearningApp.apk - SQL, Lernen, Learning, Tests, Scripting
as a web app: http://virtualsophist.bplaced.net/SQLearningApp/

Best regards FlipFlop

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