My quiz maker - features airtable, grouping, feedback and scoring

i would like to share my quiz maker app. it’s a simple generic quiz maker is based on the simple structure shown below:

the field group is an arbitrary classification that can be used for designating a subject, a chapter, difficulty level, user, etc. and is used for selecting the kind of test at the start. the field answer1 always contains the correct answer but the app will randomize the order during execution, but it will keep score, for the session.

the actual csv contents in this app is reproduced below:

SC,how many planets are there?,9,7,8,10
BD,Paris is found in what country?,france,germany,ireland,scotland
SC,language used for building web pages?,html,apl,cobol,basic
SC,What part of speech modifies a noun?,adjective,verb,adverb,conjunction
BD,what religion uses the term 'mazeltov'?,jewish,catholic,hindi,islam
SC,"the setting for the ""Cheers"" sitcom is?",bar,school,hotel,airport
BD,old documents containing accounts similar to Bible,Dead Sea scrolls,the Lachish letters,the Cyrus Cylinders,the Shishak parchments
LY,"what state is the ""Grand Canyon State""?",Arizona,Montana,Nevada,Utah
SC,how many legs does a lobster have?,10,8,12,16
LY,"what is ""fear of water"" also called",hydrophobia,octophobia,pyrophobia,dentophobia
BD,who invented the sewing machine,Isaac Singer,Nikola Tesla,Alexander Bobbin,Helen Seams
LY,scarlet is a shade of,red,yellow,green,blue
LY,what is the logo of evernote,elephant,donkey,panda,zebra
BD,someone collapses due to cardiac arrest.  What does he need,CPR,ACT,DMV,HRT
SC,where might you find an ICU,hospital,garage,library,church

save the above into a file called myquiz.csv

the table is created in airtable and can be easily replicated with these steps (this assumes you already have an airtable account).

  1. create a new workbase and specify that you will import a spreadsheet.
  2. browse to the location of myquiz.csv and press ok and that’s it.
  3. obtain the apikey, dbid, table name and grid name and note them down.

here is a link to the project:

open it and apply the information above to the airtable properties, and you’re ready to go!

great post! As soon as i opened it, i notice you set the API key and BaseID with blocks. Do you want to change that?

Thank you for sharing! Nice work!

I like how you catch the correct prior to shuffling the list. I do that differently in my own quiz app. I like this approach better i think!

yes i will - thanks for the catch - will repost link