Quiz Genius App : Built with PHP, MySQL

Hey Friends,

I am glad to inform you that I have created and uploaded an interactive Quiz App on Google Play Store, built entirely by using PHP and MySQL, involving WebViewer, JSON, ListView and other components.

It has a Splash Screen to welcome the Visitor.

It has a Login and Sign Up screen including Forget Password too. Here I have used SMS OTP authentication of the User for creating new account as well as changing passwords.

There are multiple categories of Quizzes. And in each category there are many quizzes.

On Selecting the Quiz, Timer component ticks and allows the user to chose from four options.

At the end of the Quiz the score is displayed promptly.

I have used Admob Banner Ads on each Screen for monetization and on the Results page I have included an Admob Interstitial Ad .

Please download my App from Google Play Store and intimate me if there are any problems with the app. If you wish to know more comment here or contact me personally. Thank You.

Nyasa’s Quiz Genius : 2018 App

In a newer development I have included more simple user interface for the end user to find the app usable, because earlier some members complained that there are not many quizzes, as they had difficulty in browsing through the quiz menu. so I included Colins TreeList View Tool and now it is working wonderfully.

I have also used JSON Tools for fetching data from my MySQL server on my website.

I am thankful to the developpers of those tools for enabling me to achieve this feat of developping my dream project.


Thanks for sharing this with the community @aahwaan, I’m moving it to #SuccessfullyTHUNKd though, because #ShareYourApps is for developers who want share their source code too.


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Thank You .