Multiple Quiz App

Multiple Quiz App

Hopefully I have created Multiple Quiz App, this app contains multiple categories with thousands of questions, and you can dynamically add questions on daily basis when you want, you can use as a daily quiz app where you can add new questions on daily basis,
Paid aia File Price: $15/-
Multiple Quiz Apk File

Features Included:
Notification Bar
Multiple Categories

Unlimited Questions

Indicate Wrong and right answers

When you select one answer (wrong or right) then other options will automatically disabled.

If you select right answer, then it will turn into Green or if you select wrong answer then it will turn into Red.

When you add more questions in category then it will automatically detect limit of questions and don’t exceed the limit.

App also contains solved MCQs where user can prepare their tests

Statistic Features:

Total Questions

Right answers

Wrong Answers

Attempt Questions

Total Marks

Obtained Marks


Another user posting on every forum. Only post on the forum of the builder you used.

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for your kind information this app will work on all builder :wink:

Congratulations for creatin the Quiz App.

Recently I have also created and uploaded an App on Google Play Store titled, "Nyasas Quiz Genius 2018’ which I have created completely by using MySQL and PHP. There is option for unlimited Quiz categories, quizzes and questions.

If time permits please give a look to the app.
Nyasa’s Quiz Genius App 2018

Looks like a good app. Do you have a template or something that I could use to start building my own multiple choice quiz.

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Even I would love to have such a template, it would be really helpful. If there is no template, @Rawal_Riaz could you share some snippets of code that helped you out?


His last post was over 2 years ago. Hopefully he’s still around to help you.


Thanks @Dean_Artis! I didn’t check the date :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: !!