Spreadsheet with images and sound

Thanks to answers from the community my test with spreadsheet works.
But not exactly as I thought.

The app works. But first only the image is displayed with no sound. Only after a second click on the button plays the sound.
After displaying a different image the first sound plays. Again after a second click the correct sound plays.

What is wrong?

Yes, such a problem exists with sound. I think the problem is that after changing the file name, the Sound component does not have time to load the resource before playing it (or need use block Sound.stop). It seemed to me that the onSourceLoaded block for this purpose is intended, but it does not work. Try the Sound.Stop block before of the “from Sound set source” block.

Sorry, does not work…

I did not find a reliable way to work with sound. In one case, I have a short sound effect and the song worked normally, and in the other case, two long sound files did not want to be played properly.

I put the sound call play block into the when sound onSourceLoaded block.
So the sound is played, when loaded.
Thank You!

It is interesting. I’ll try this block again.

Do you have this project running on Android? I do not call the Sound.onSourceLoaded block on iOS 10.3 at all, neither when using a local resource nor when specifying a URL.

you are right. it really works in Android only. Not in IOS.