[Solved] Sound not working in cross-platform for iOS, works fine on android

Hey so the sound components are not working on iPad 7th generation, software version 13.2. The device is fine, plays music from Youtube, volume is up, etc.

My app works fine on Android devices; I tested with both MP3 and WAV files as the source but neither one would play on the iPad.

I’ll attach a screenshot of the blocks. Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated!!



Sound does not work, because it does not use all of the blocks to be used. Carefully read all the blocks that belong to the component Sound.

I tried including each of the sound components (adding pause, resume, and stop features) and also shortening the sound file but it still will not work on iPad. The blocks I added also work perfectly fine on Android. I’ll include a screenshot of the new blocks in case that would help.

Is there maybe something specific I need to do with regard to “then do ____when play is done” or with regard to the error message?

I don’t yet see what is missing, but thanks for your help!!

Still need to use the block “on source loaded” and only after successful completion of playback file.

Check it.


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