Sound files saved in GarageBand do not load or play

I opened a wav file and an mp3 in GarageBand on a Mac and saved both as mp3 files.

If I upload them to any Thunkable X project, they do not load nor play in Thunkable Live on an iPhone. Here are my blocks:

The label shows “75” for the sound volume but the sound seems to never load because the label does not display an error nor the source value.

Also, am I right that the “then do” section of the “Play” block only fires after the sound completes playing? Or does it fire as soon as the sound attempts to start playing?

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Put a text to speech block inside the then to find out the sequence

Do you mean in the if [error] do section?

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Here’s an example of a sound file that will not play:

It was a .wav file that I downloaded and converted to .mp3 using GarageBand.

Either, but you will be able to tell if the then do block starts 1) before sound1 starts 2) after sound1 starts, but before it ends, or 3) after sound1 finishes.

Thanks, @drted

I think the issue was that the “on source loaded” block never fired at all for my GarageBand files.

I ended up just downloading mp3 versions of sound files I needed. But I also found that exporting from Adobe Audition works whereas exporting from GarageBand doesn’t seem to.


The “then do” event is fired when the sound file is completed.

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