Sound help for thunkable x app

I am trying to make a button play a sound, but the sound will not play on the app. I have tried uploading it to the files first, it just does not work.

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Could you share your blocks or project that we can take a look and can be solve you easier.

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Hi, @parkerverranzbw! :wave:

Try deleting your sound file, & add it again here -

Are your blocks like this? -


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Hi there,

Is your Sound component’s source loaded when you open the app or do you use blocks to load the source during the app’s run time?

If it’s the latter, you will need to give the source time to load before playing it.

The On Source Loaded block exists for this reason!

Here are some example blocks:

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como puedo dar tiempo a la fuente para que se cargue antes de reproducirlo y pueda reporducir antes de iniciar la segunda pantalla