(SOLVED) Why do i have to pay 5% on admob, when im paying a subscription fee?

Why exactly do i have to pay 5% from admob, and still have to pay a pro membership, especially when so many needed featured are missing such as orientation?

Im not saying im knocking you guys hustle, but shouldn’t that be an option for none payers instead? If i have a membership, i don’t feel like giving away any more money. Can someone please help me out here?

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I totally agree with you! I also developed some apps with Kodular and thunkable asking to get 5% of all the account revenue (and not 5% of the application’s own profits), I said that to them and they told me to create a new account that would only include the apps I developed in thunkable, but I don’t want to do the This. Besides, my account is currently blocked (and I’ve been waiting for a few months to respond to my appeal), so I’m currently using Facebook ads (in applications I’ve developed with Kodular), and I have no way to make money from the applications I created in thunkable because thunkable has only an Admob ad component and no option Choose another ad network.

I know what you mean. I am not trying to be greedy or anything… but it’s kinda just a little saddening that we have choose this option, knowing that this is the only platform that does that “that i know of”. I honestly feel very uncomfortable with that choice. So i am trying to see what other options i have. I just go pro… so im leaning on the border of asking for a refund while it’s still super early… I may want to wait till X is at a CLASSIC level. Because classic truly had the potential.

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@animensmoke the commission for AdMob is 5% and not 10% as you initially stated. Can you please amend the title of this post to reflect this.

That’s the thing, you only need a PRO membership to download your app. Once it’s in the store it will, if you’ve done you marketing correctly, earn revenue indefinitely. The 5% commission goes towards the staffing costs incurred in maintaining our MCM network, manually reviewing apps to ensure they meet Google’s guidelines, delivering training resources to our AdMob users, developing growth plans for their business and promoting their apps to our wider network of followers and users.

You’re not “giving away” money in the sense that this is not an up-front cost. If you don’t earn any revenue you won’t pay any commission.

The feature set of Thunkable X surpassed that of Classic several months ago. The main benefit, commercially, to using Thunkable X is that you can publish for Android and for iOS, and iOS is significantly more lucrative than Android. You can see a detailed breakdown in this post from last November:

Just in case you weren’t aware, Classic will be winding down in about 3 months time:

You can always sell your app in the Play Store/App Store, and this way you’re not dependent on advertiser revenue to sustain your business.

Hope that gives you some insight into the resources that are required to run our AdMob program and the reasons why you get to keep 95% of your revenues.

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Through our official partnership with Google we have offered you a way to add AdMob to your Thunkable apps only, it was entirely your decision not to avail of this option.

I know we spoke about this over the weekend, but this is actually a pretty compelling reason to consider joining the Thunkable MCM network. If you had been a member, your app would have gone through our manual review process and you wouldn’t have been allowed to publish this app in the first place.

I’m really confused by this sentiment. If you had joined our network back when you initially applied last year, your apps would still be active and you would be keeping 95¢ out of every $1 earned.
As it stands at the moment, because your account is suspended, you are earning $0…I’m not sure I fully understand your logic here.

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ok amended the title. And need to do some more extensive research. Thanks

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Thank you!

Please let me know if there’s any aspect of this research that I can help out with.

so what about this? Submit your app for review

I guess up to 10% isn’t technically 10% then.

roughly how long before it gets reviewed? because i needed to do some test that can mainly be executed after being downloaded. So i have to keep deleting the admob feature so that i may download. I don’t want there to be any issues when you guys review it, im just making sure you guys can still see how i would use it if i remove the admob feature for now.

@animensmoke, I’ve merged your two previous posts into a single post. Please use the :pencil2: edit button to add to your original post, this is a community forum, rather than a chat app.

Correct! I can see that you wrote this post before actually reviewing your invitation? To be fair, this isn’t immediately clear from the form you linked to - I’ll take that under consideration, but it is discussed widely here in the Community:

Again, this isn’t immediately obvious from the form either (thanks for highlighting) but over 90% of apps are reviewed within 48 hours. There are, occasionally, exceptions to this.

That makes sense - that’s what the platform recommends you do.

Just to let you know, however, if you submit an app for AdMob review that doesn’t have the AdMob component, then you application will be rejected. You can, of course, resubmit in this case.

My account was suspended because it was linked to another account that probably had problems with it (I still don’t understand how my account was linked to this account), my applications are valid, all my applications have been reviewed by a Kodular team or a review by your team. And right now I’m making money from Facebook. I didn’t mean to hurt, I really appreciate your work.

Duly noted.

Thanks for the update.

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ok. i think i understand how the system works. About the component, i didn’t delete the blocks. But i have no choice but to remove the actual admob component in order to download the app. It’s just that i am constantly testing my app outside of the live test, but i dont want to get rejected and have to wait again. So i guess ill do my best to try to not have to download again.

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Yep, completely understand as this is what we recommend you do!

I agree, I don’t know how possible it would be on Thunkables end, but could there be a possibility that they don’t start charging the 5% fee until the user has say made the Pro subscription cost back? Or maybe better yet, just as encouragement to users who do have ads, for the 5% Thunkable does charge, if that amount equals the subscription cost (250$ a year) could Thunkable gift the user a year of free Pro subscription?

Of course, the 5% fee may be entirely unrelated to regular Thunkable operating costs and is a small price to pay for the convenience.

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You have to be Pro in order to use Admob

Once you have Admob the 5% is taken out directly in Admob when you get the payment.Google would pay you 95%
so its a separate thing

Yes, so that is my question, since it is separate, could Thunkable maybe let users or reward users for making back the Pro subscription cost if they equal it in Ad revenue

So you give them money, use their product, and they give you the money back?

Please never go into business.

dude, you don’t have to use their ad system, you can easily insert a web app or api to run it independently. their charging the percentage because you’re using their system.

Well the system is AdMob, yes it is their blocks and Thunkable makes it easy to code in (again, I am not seeing this as a rip off, I am just talking things out).

And @Dean_Artis I am not at all suggesting to get this for free. I am more than happy to pay for Thunkable Pro and can understand why they may also add a percentage on Ads. I am not trying to use a service for free merely trying to learn more as to why the percentage is there (I am not adverse to paying it) just merely trying to see if it could be instituted after an individual has made the money back so that they can continue to pay for Pro as I do believe Thunkable is a system I am more than happy to pay for.

Again, I am not trying to stiff Thunkable or think they are greedy for any of this. I am just looking to understand why the 5% is added when I am already paying for Pro. My ideas above would either have the individual pay the 250$/year for Pro and then have the 5% ad charge come into affect after the user has made 250$ on ads (so they can continue to fund Pro) or, if the 5% adds up to the subscription cost then Thunkable may reward that. Again, these are just ideas which could help the most amount of people be able to afford Pro and continue to fund Thunkables operation which I am glad exists. Alternately, I do not know what systems or work Thunkable had to do to get the AdMob blocks. Covering their costs for those blocks as well as time and markup is absolutely fair and 5% is not much to pay. No need to insult my business savvy as in no situation I described would I be given a service for free.

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This is one of the the easiest way to get your AdSense account terminated. And, given the payment threshold and quality checks that Google have in place the odds of you getting away with this are low and the chances of making decent money from it are even lower.

In our network creators get access to an official Google program, app quality review, growth strategies and a monthly income that’s not based on violating any of the terms and conditions of their Advertising platform.