How To Know How Much Revanue Get Thunkable In My Apps

Hi Thunkable Team And My Dear Seniore.
I Have a question, I show a post in the Thunkable Community page, that is Thunkable get 5% revanue and we get 95% revanue. my question is how Thunkable get 5% on my apps. I add my admob code in my apps than how they get 5%.


nice question

We take it automatically from Google.


how its posible ?
Can you please tell me, are you add any admob code in our apps, if you add any code and we are also add than our adsense account will remove, because in our apps many ads show at a time. please tell me 100% genuine.
I know adsense policy no one transferred her money.

yes. it is nice question. I have read the policies and term & conditions of admob. My admob ( adsense ) acount is disabled. I am sure that there is no policy violation i have made in using the admob. i made an appeal to admob but failed. what is the mechanism you follow. Now what i do. is there method to use ads by other ads companies.

I don’t know but I think the only way I see this possible is by internally switching the ad unit ID. My ad unit ID is used to show ads 95% of the times and Thunkable’s ID the rest. There’s no mention of any fee in my Admob account, and my account was created by me, not by Thunkable. Also I use the same Admob account with other builders and (I hope) Thunkable is not taking their cut from the other apps I have made with other platforms.

In my opinion, there’s a small lack of transparency in all this. I mean, how do I know how much Thunkable took from my ads? Usually in these cases, there’s reports available to the users.

Take Uber or Lyft as an example: They give a detailed report to the driver on how much the rider paid, how much they keep, and what is your final revenue.

Would that be possible in Thunkable too?


Thunkable only takes 5% of AdMob Revenue from apps built on Thunkable. You can calculate the amount of money made by Thunkable, since you are receiving 95%.

I’m sorry, but right now we don’t have the infrastructure built to send each Thunkable user the amount of money made by Thunkable and money made by the user. We would love to do this in the future once the cross platform is complete.

there should be any other way to insert ads other than admob