Thunkable get 10% maintenance fee for all revenue earned via AdMob across all apps

Hi Thunkable! First of all I would like to thank you guys for thunkable. Next I want to ask you a question? Why did I upgrade my account to Pro, but when I download my app with admob Thunkable still requires acceptance gives Thunkable the permission to charge a 10% maintenance fee for all revenue earned via AdMob across all apps in my account that are associated with my publisher ID.
That means in addition to the $ 25 monthly amount I pay for the Pro account, I also have to lose 10% more of the money earned in my admob, just to be allowed to download the app with my admob on thunkable?

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It’s part of their terms and conditions. Why didn’t you question this before agreeing to them?

Thunkable have the right to charge what they want. You have the right to accept or decline this.


When I try to create my app and press download it. Thunkable just said that I need to upgrade to Pro to be able to download my app with admob, never talking about getting 10% of the money in my Admob account. You can check out their review guidelines =>
They also did not say anything about taking 10% of the amount of all the apps in my Admob account. They just said that they will let me download my app with admob after being reviewed

I just checked the link you provided and it very clearly states:

“ Thunkable also reserves the right to charge up to a 10% maintenance fee for revenue earned via AdMob in the future.”

Next time, if you want to tell lies, don’t include links proving yourself wrong.

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