Does Thunkable get a percentage on the entire admob account or just the Thunkable Submitted App?

Hello i would like to know something. We are publishing other apps made outside of Thunkable… Does thunkable get it’s percentage on the entire admob account? or just the submitted app.

Hello! Unfortunately, I believe Thunkable gets its percentage from the entire AdMob account. Here is what my AdMob confirmation email said at the end:

If you have other apps in your account, we recommend that you do NOT accept this invitation and instead create a new account for just your Thunkable app. Creating a second AdMob account requires an exception from the AdMob policy, so if you need to request this exception, please send us your i) the payee name and ii) AdMob Publisher ID for your existing accounts which we will send directly to AdMob. Once they accept the request, we will share instructions on how to create a new AdMob account.

Hope this helps!