(SOLVED) Why do i have to pay 5% on admob, when im paying a subscription fee?

yes, you guys put in a lot of legwork, that’s my point. he can pay for that legwork, or go through months of trial and error on his own. which STILL might end with a big ol’ “NO” from google in the form of a termination.

The 5% charge creates another problem, I had some other apps I did not build in thunkable in the same admob account and if I approved the 5%, thunkable would get 5% of all applications (even those I did not build in thunkable) after I explained it to the team they told me to open A new account and there will only be the apps I built in thunkable, but I do not like this solution because I want all the money to go into one account and not several different ones. In addition, Google also charges money for each ad, so another 5% is just an annoying addition.