[Solved] Saving entire rows as List

Hi all,

So I am trying to save entire Airtable rows as a list based on a criteria. Although I can save single column’s of the airtable as a list, I am not able to save the entire row. What am I doing wrong?


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Hi @thestrengthinstitute,

in your loop you get “j” as an object, right? You test the object’s property, and if true assign the “j” at the end of a list. But you can not assign a list of object to a listviewer. Maybe you should build "stored Memberlist - insert at “last” - as "get property “Gym Name” of object “j” ?

So if I understand right, the Member-List is getting all the data from the rows based on the check. However, I am not able to see them in the list because a list cannot store a whole row?

I think you are not able to see them in the list, because List_Viewer1 can display a list of text, but not a list of objects.

Try to change the light-blue block as I described. This is your block right now:

It should look like this:

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