Setting a list in Airtable cell

Hey, I just had a question as to whether it is possible to put a list in one Airtable cell. Is it possible to create a column, and then save a list in each column cell?


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i guess yea

You might need to consider having the type filed to long text which can take up to 100,000 characters. The single line text might not be enough to house a list of considerable size.

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Thanks for your answer. I was just asking whether it’s possible to save a list inside 1 airtable cell.

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Yes, you can.
I just created a list and saved it to a cell in Airtable.
I first converted the list to CSV and saved it to a variable then updated the row and checked it directly from Airtable.

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I saved it as text(I’m saving ratings), and then did a make list from text to get it into list format. Could you please elaborate a bit more on your CSV solution? I didn’t quite get that.

Hope this works for you


Yes but before this step I change the list to a test string separated by comma (CSV) with the following

And then use the SetCell to save the the string of text.

Of course when you read it from the Cell then use make list from text to use it as a list in the code.

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This is not required in my code block. It is already converting to JSON format.
But both give the same result

Thanks for this! My code does not want to save object values, though.