[Solved] Publish to Web issue with importing from My Screens

Getting an error when publishing web apps. If I create a brand new project it works fine.

Apps which contain screens from My Screens don’t seem to work.

One of my major projects which has an old web app link (before responsive web apps came out) cannot have the web app link updated. I get an error message at the top of the screen. I can share a link to this project privately.

Another rather strange issue is that with the app I just mentioned above, the old link works fine on Safari on my iPhone, but with other apps and new links it doesn’t load and I get a white screen. New links only work when I go into safari private mode, which I suppose means it could work fine for the users.

Not sure why I’m getting these errors. Have these issues been reported before? Thanks.

Please do!

Not sure why this would be happening - but we can look into it.

Sounds like this could be a caching issue?

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I’ll send you a link now Domhnall.

Just looked up how to clear cache on Safari, seems to have done the trick!


Thanks Eoin, I got the link and fixed the assets for this project.

It should be working for you again now.