[Resolved] Published Web App Not Accessible #631

FYI to all, I am seeing issues accessing published web apps (like this: http://sendth.at/) at the moment.

I just see a blank screen:

I created an issue on github here:

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Hey @darren - apologies for the inconvenience there.

We’ve pushed a fix on our end so this should be working for your again now (worked fine for me when I checked just now, thankfully)

cc: @mrmazzone


my images in my published app stopped showing android and ios

Hi @Mikas_3D - is this related to the issue about Web Apps that Darren has reported above?

Yes i think could be the thing that was interrupted had the same effect on my APP

But you mention iOS and Android - I don’t see what this has to do with published WEB apps.

Web apps are very different to Android or iOS apps, please see more in the docs: