Grey screen when publishing the app

When publishing my app as a web app and using the link, I am getting a grey screen. I’d appreciate if other users can check if they experience the same thing (meaning some bug right now with Thunkable) or is it just me?

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Hi guys, I still think that publishing as mobile web apps is broken. If I publish as Responsive web app, it’s working, but not when I publish as Mobile web app.

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I can confirm: Same behavior for me here. Is the service down or something? doesn’t show any known issues.

But you’re right, web publishing as a Mobile web app just produces a grey screen. Here’s an example:

Web App


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not just on mobile same in windows I’m publishing a project on a Mac as a “Mobile web app.” It has nothing to do with a phone. It’s just the name of the publishing setting:

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This is affecting previously published web apps also. It is /not/ just new publishes.


is this also doing with responsive web app?

Hi there,

Sorry about this, we fixed this issue a few hours after reporting. Can you try publishing your web app again?
@royrosemarinu0jp @migo @catsarisky @tatiang


It’s solved :grinning:. My mobile web app is working for my entire team on all browsers as usual. Thank you, @jane !

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