Web App giving the "Something went wrong" Error message

@Garry_Lane @paulmw Continuing the discussion from Publish to web new issue:
I still get this “Something went wrong” error message when trying to update the web app. You guys found a solution to this but the solution is not clear to me.
I have hard refreshed to no avail.
Did you figure out what the root cause was at the time?
Someone else also mentioned that it may be linked to screens copied over from other apps (?)… did anything come from that hint?
Thanks for any guidance you may have, cheers!

This was an issue for a couple of people. If I remember correctly @paulmw had to fix the issue internally.

Thanks @Garry_Lane, @paulmw can you pls help out here? Thanks!

its a system error contact thunkable support


Can you post the url of your project?


Hi, I just sent it to you in what I think is a private message.
Thanks for your help

Refresh the page, and try to publish again.

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thanks Paul, it is working now.
Do you have any hint as to what happened?
I mean, can I avoid this in the future?

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Paulmw MINE is doing the exact same thing! Plz help!

The “something went wrong” error is a catch-all. It can happen for twenty different reasons.

Post a link to your project or at least screenshots of your blocks and explain which screen/blocks you think might be related to the issue (if you know).

I don’t know what the block or screen is that may be causing the issue. I don’t have any problems while navigating through any of the screens. I have attached some screen shots. It looks like a “paulmw” may have found a quick solution to this.

So this happens before you publish the project to the web? Maybe clear the browser cache…

I don’t see any known outages:


I cleared the cache, browser history … everything. I logged out of my user, logged back in. Opened a browser and still the same error when attempting to publish the latest version.

Hmm… I’m not sure then. You might need to contact Support. I’m able to publish a web app so it’s not an issue for everyone.