Publish Web App Error

I, like others have a problem “Publishing” my simple Web App. It continues to give me the same Error message, “Something went wrong, please try again.”. Any help would be most appreciated.
The working URL is - Thunkable
Thank you

The “Something went wrong” message is a catch-all meaning that it appears whenever the project crashes. There is a block in your project causing the crash. It’s just a matter of figuring out what it is.

Common causes are:

  1. Not checking to see if a stored variable has the value null
  2. Assigning a value to a variable type that doesn’t match (e.g. setting a list variable to a text string)
  3. Accessing a list/data source index that doesn’t exist (e.g. row zero)
  4. Accessing a JSON property that doesn’t exist
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Also, that link doesn’t work. Can you share the project again?


Thank you for your response. I am definitely a Novice, but the logic or programming for this app is real simple as you can see in the attachment. ???

Here is the Link to the project :

I had the App Private because there will be a large Membership list that is one of the links and most of the info should not be distributed in public.

Again, Thank a lot.

Tom Jones

(602) 725-6246

The link you provided is a web app that can’t be edited. I can’t see the code. So you’ll either have to share the project without publishing it as a web app or you’ll have to provide more screenshots. Specifically, I would focus on any stored variables you have, any lists or data source blocks, etc. based on what I mentioned above.

If you don’t want to do all that, you can just start disconnecting blocks (I’d recommend making a backup copy first!) until the problem no longer occurs. Then you’ll know which block caused it.

Also, which screen(s) or buttons are causing the crash? Because at least some of them worked when I tried the web app.

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OK, I’m learning… here is the Share Link -

What part of the country are you from, I live in the Mountains 90 NW of Phoenix in a small town, mostly retired, that has over 450 Corvettes registered by the State Motor Division. Our Club has 200+ members. Sometime when you have a minute, please take a look at another App I created for the visitors to our huge All Corvette Car Show (over 300 show cars)in September., maybe you have already seen this one. Thank you again for your kind attention, I’m sure you have a lot better things to do that to “babysit” all of us wannabees App Creators.

I just took delivery on this “beating Cancer Gift”

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I live just north of San Francisco. But my grandparents lived in Scottsdale, AZ for about 50 years. My mom grew up there.

I’m not a huge car person, to be honest, but I do enjoy app development and helping others (I’ve taught at a private K-8 school for 20 years).

That’s a pretty sweet ride ya got there! Congrats on your recovery and best wishes for good health.

Your app is ridiculously simple. Just a few links. It really shouldn’t be crashing. I was able to publish it as a web app and visit all of the links except the What’s Hot button because you have a duplicate button name in your blocks (“Members” and “Members”):


All of the links work, though. You just need unique button names for those first two “when ___ click” blocks.

It didn’t crash for me. At what point is that happening for you? Right when the website loads? When you click a particular button?

No, It never crashed, as I can Preview it Live Test or just use the Preview button, however I could not Publish the app until 5 minutes ago and now It is Good. Thank you.
Maybe you can steer me in the right direction though. What would be the best way to create a “list” of 20-30 …restaurants and wanted for each entry to have a web link attached.? here is my other App Share Link and you can see how I solved the issue, but it seems like a lot of work. Thunkable
Thanks again

It’s much simpler to use a list viewer or data viewer list. Those two components have similar names and do similar things. A list viewer is great if you only need text, as in the link you shared. If you want each item in the list to have an image or more details (not just a title), then you’d need to use a data viewer list or data viewer grid.

Let me see if I can make a quick demo for you.

This will do the same thing: display a list of restaurants and take the user to their respective websites:

The data is entered in a local data source so you can add and remove rows easily. I haven’t figured out how to add more tables to the data source (I know it’s possible) but you could add another data source for Hotels, etc. It’d be nice to have each category be a table in the same data source but it’s not necessary.

The coding is super-simple as you’ll see. The list viewer can also be synced to Google Sheets or AirTable in case you want control over the list of titles and websites from the cloud rather than needing to publish an update to each app store to make changes.

You do have a lot less control over fonts and styles though. For that, you’d have to use a custom data viewer list layout which is a bit of work.

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Hi there,

Sometimes this message can be caused by an issue with assets.

I have fixed your original project’s assets.

Are you able to publish this project as a web app now?

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Thank you very much, I will try to develop this method and show it off some time soon.

Tom Jones

(602) 725-6246