[Solved] Is it possible to create Fields (Grid View) in Airtable with blocks in Thunkable?

Its possible to create Fields in Airtable with blocks in Thunkable?

A quick checkout of airtable docs resulted in this. I’m not totally sure though.


Thanks! And Do you know how can I get an specific row from Airtable and replace/delete it but without knowing the num, just knowing the text in it?
Also a way to know that num. I dont know if i m being clearly

Yes. Check out this link

If you are still having issues, please post your blocks and I can help you further.


Here is an example, with the button modify, I would like to replace the row by the new one, or delete the previus and create the new one… Also it would be great to create a mechanism where I could get the ID from each user but I dont know how. Thanks!

can you clarify which procedure you want to do?

save a row of data

modify a row of data

delete a row of data

check for duplicate rows of data

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In this case, I want that the Usernames couldnt be duplicated, Once that the User find a Username that doesnt exists, save it.
Then, if he want to modify it, Replace it, for a newone that doesnt exist before too.

In addition to this, I would like to could get the specific ID of each user to, use it for other things (Like create specific interactuation between users) Sory for my bad english

So this post shows how to make custom usernames. This could be used for your purposes but would need to be customized to your need.

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Oh yes! I did this thanks to you! In this case I m tryng to figure out how can I modify that custom names deleting o replacing the older ones.

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@Leito - just as an update to this, you might be interested in the new data viewer components which make it easier than ever to create and display data as a grid in your app.

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