[Solved] Get list from csv to list in x.thunkable

how can get list from csv php file to list in x.thunkable
like in classic thunkable


csv (comma seperated value) is easy to replicate. Simply use the block:

make list from text [ ] with delimiter [ , ]


The delimiter is what separates the values. You can set this to whatever you want. This works the same as list from csv row text

Hopefully this helped you!


Can I add a value to this list?


Hope it helps! :wink:

Thanks! :wink:

but I need to add the values ​​to this list: “[“value1”,“value2”,“value3”]”
(as in the classic builder)

You can use the join block.


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Will it create a list in the format of classic builder?

For classic builer, yes. Use the row from CSV block. CSV stands for Comma Separated Value :slight_smile:

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How can I replicate
make list from text [ ] with delimiter [ ]
with some text and a single blank space in the delimiter in classic thunkable?

I am not a user of classic Thunkable so I won’t be able to help you, but if you create a post in the community under the #classicdiscuss you’ll get an answer there :slight_smile:

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