Split csv string into an Array


I am busy with an app in Thunkable X that gets data from google sheets. I parse a URL link to the Web_Api which is a csv export from Google sheets, this is how the URL look,



When i get the data from the URL it stores the data as a string seperated by β€œ,”. And i keep getting a string back like this,

Name,Surname,Username,Email,Password Jason,Kenedy,jasons,jasonk@gmail.com,test1 Bruno,Samuels,brunos,test@gmail.com,test

But I would like to read the data in as an Array with rows and columns, not just a row as currently. My goal is to get the email for a specific Username. I used the β€œMake list from text” function and seperate with β€œ,” but it then creates a list with all the cells separately and i find it difficult to get the email for a specified username.

This is what i currently have with my blocks, but what can i add to in order to load all the data as an array as i can see it in Google sheets and loop through the records and columns,


In classic Thnkable you can use something like this but not in Thunkable x


Here is an example app which shows how to first get the sheet into a list of rows of column-separated values and then how to extract individual cells/columns from those rows.

Note that there is a bit of a trick in that code. The text of the csv file contains carriage return (aka β€œcr”) and newline (aka β€œnl”) characters separating each row of the sheet. Unfortunately, there is not currently a way to easily get those characters into a Text block in Thunkable in order to use them as delimeters. So I added a fake, empty, row at the top of my spreadsheet. Since I know the number of columns in my spreadsheet, I know how many commas will be at the start of the csv file. I can then use that knowledge to extract the carriage return and newline that are at the end of that first line. I then ignore that first line in the rest of the blocks.

I hope that this helps.