Convert from a inventor to thunkable

I am coming from MIT App inventor
i need to convert attached blocks in app inventor to thunkable and need for help

i use csv file from google drive .

Hi and welcome to Thunkable!

This is a lot to ask. :sweat_smile: You’ll probably get more help if you ask a specific question about a specific block or specific feature you’re trying to get working in Thunkable.

I need to enter barcode and get all information from csv but I fail to make a list from csv columns to search inside it for specific values

I need to make a list from columns

What does your csv data look like? I assume that’s the same thing that’s getting displayed by your green “value” block? Can you post an example?

You have a Web API call without a url, or is that set somewhere else? Why are you using a Web API?

Also, if something that complicated isn’t working, the first step is to break things apart a bit. Are you able to display the value of “app Item_Name” in a label? What about “app name”? Is “app Brand_Name” supposed to be the list viewer value? How are you populating that variable?


I use app name but it is show one item from column
I need to make list from column to search inside it for specific values .

project .

You can’t use a Web API block without first setting the URL it should use.

Are you trying to get the rows from the Google Sheet when the screen opens? You need to use the “get value” block from the Data Sources drawer, not the Web API block.