[Solved] Stuck with formatting csv elements

Hye all

I’m building an app where I read data from my online database. Data is exported as csv so the app can read it.
I’m able tot get all the rows and read them as row.
Also able to select 1 row from the result list.

But I’m stuck when I want to split this row into pieces.

So, started with reading and used delimiter “newline”.
Selected a row (testing purpose atm)
tryed to format this row with delimiter “,”. But that gives no result at all.

Not with data from database, not with testlist I created in picture.
(with data in picture first step gives “a,b,c” and “d,e,f”. Second step gieves “d,e,f”. Last step gives nothing).

Been trying and searching for the last hour and a half so I could really use some help (really frustrated atm.)

Thanks in advance!

how many columns are there?

For the one I’m trying now, 8 columns (and for the moment 2 rows for testing purpose, will be more afterwards)
(Sorry for late responce; posted it just before I went to bed)

what Are you using for your database?

But don’t think database is the problem

App gets info trough webAPI en pulls csv file from database.
I can split the data that comes in with the “newline” functions into rows.
If I change “newline” to “,” in instance where data comes in, it splits it into cells.

Problem is I can’t do both. If I split it into rows, I get no result if I repaet it and try to split it into cells.

can you try something like this?

For some reason, this works now. Pretty sure I tried this yesterday but I can be mistaken.

Thank you for the help!
Gonna try to put this in a loop now for each row when there are more then 1 line I need. Hope that works too.

Great work, thank you again!


Great work! All it takes is perseverance! Would you mind marking that as a solution? :slight_smile:

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Seems someone beated me in marking a soluation :slight_smile:


Hi @bartiiee,

would you mind to tell me how to import a CSV file into an app?

I would also import some data into an app, but I haven’t found an import function.

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Hah! That was me @bartiiee :joy:

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