(Solved) Creating a website related to a thunkable app

Hello Thunkable community,

I would want to create a website linked to my thunkable app. The website will have more features than the app.
Does anyone of you recommend any specific framework and any specific database shared between the 2 systems to do this?
Thanks a lot


Firebase easily integrates with Thunkable and just about any other website or internet connected app.

Thank you for your reply, I hesitated between airtable and firebase.
I am wondering if I will use Vue.js for the website, do you have any recommendation on this?


Web development is not something I am familiar with. Firebase does have a wide range of tools (NodeJS, Hosting, etc). If it were me, I would use firebase for everything unless there was a VERY compelling reason for Vue. Whenever building a system, you should always try to minimize external dependencies.

Happy Thunking!

P.S. I’ve moved this to Off-Topic, since is is not really a Thunkable issue.

Ok, thank you for your insights :slight_smile:
Have a good day !