Send data from Thunkable to webpage

I feel I have done a thorough search for an answer but not sure of the correct terminology so probably not finding what I need. I’m looking to create a simple prototype with 3 buttons. One of these will be (hopefully) to send the selected data to a webpage. The webpage will basically display 2 other values which are simply if the button was selected or not.

I suspect I need to go from the app to FIREBASE and then have the website call the data. Is that correct or an easier way? At a bit of a loss how to approach this or even if possible in Thunkable. Would love a link to a simple tutorial or sample if someone cares to help. Thanks in advance

Hi @DAZ, thanks for the great question!

Do you have the website set up yet? If we know a little more about what software you plan to use and the type of site you’re building we’ll be better able to make suggestions.

Hi, Thanks for the offer of support. I’m really trying to do something super simple with a student.
Well I hope it is : )

I have shared a super quick mock up

Basically I would like a user to select if’ Beach closed’ and/or ‘shark sighted’ hit the OK button and it sends to a very basic website that might say the same.

I haven’t created a website but thought there are 2 options but unsure.
That is I could write to a Google Spreadsheet which is dynamic and embed the spreadsheet in a Google Site.
looked briefly at Firebase and then use a website to pull from there.

The idea is simple just not clear on the best implementation. Appreciate any support you might be able to provide

Actually had a bit of a playaround tonight and used to create an API to link a Googlesheet to a Google site. Works fine. Just need to find out how to write from Thunkable to a Google Speadsheet and I might have a basic prototype ready to go.