Is there a way to use Thunkable for a normal website

I would like to know if I can block code a normal website, using FBDB is very intuitive for me as well as the blocks.

There’s not really a way to publish as a website though.

Any suggestions?

Sorry, but you cannot make a normal website with Thunkable: it’s for making mobile apps only. Something similar to this is a web app, but I think that’s PRO only. To publish a normal website you can use WordPress, Wix, or any other website builder. You can also program in HTML, but I don’t know which website maker uses that.
Edit:What’s FBDB?

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Firebase Database.

Is there a site builder which uses block coding like the MIT or appybuilder
I don’t want to learn another coding format/language.

So you don’t want the PRO web app builder?
I don’t know other website builders that use block coding, I searched it up but I barely got what I was looking for. So you might have to go with most website builders like google sites and webflow. If any more info or if you know any web builders please tell me or leave a message.

I’m ok w that, I don’t know if it’ll do everything I’ll want or need.

I’d probably like to do web address masking which I don’t think is possible?

Among other things
because I don’t really know about URL masking, you might want to click on that link or search it up.

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