[SOLVED] Can I use my own virtual currency as a payment system for my apps?

My apps all use the same Firebase authentication and Realtime Database, allowing them to have one account for all of my apps.

There is one concern about one thing though.

Apple has before rejected apps for not using the Apple Pay payment system, but instead using Stripe. I have my own currency service that aren’t in a form of real money. Can I use this virtual currency for my apps in-app purchases?

(P.S. This currency is saved by the user’s Firebase Authentication so they can have a personal currency and is saved by the Realtime Database)

I don’t think you can, but Apple can clarify this for you with 100% certainty. No one else on here is qualified to do so.

So I can’t use it even if it’s not even real money?

They’re like in-app “credits”?

Did the user buy them at some point?
Is there a transaction of any real money?



Yes, but they are saved into the cloud so that they can use the credits in any app when they sign in.

I think you should be fine. But, @Dean_Artis is right and each App Store has the final say about what is and isn’t allowed. But you should be fine.

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