How can I add in-app payment method in the Thunkable app created in iOS devices?

Hello everyone,

I am creating an app that involves in-app payments between two users. I want to create a system in which a user can transfer his or her money to another user through credit card payment or other modes of online payment (like Paypal or Stripe). I was doing research on it and found out that Thunkable X removed some In-App component features. So I was wondering if there’s any other way to achieve this goal.

In this in-app payment, I want some of the money to go to our company as a service fee (like UberEat).

I am looking forward to your response,

Hey @technovationhc4,

This sounds really interesting, but things like peer-to-peer payments and in-app-payments aren’t supported in Thunkable at this time.

Is this the sole feature in your app right now, or are there any other functions/features that we could help you out with?


It is possible to make payments via credit card through wirecard. I’m in Brazil and I got it here.
If you want to know more I can explain.

@Cesar_Costa, you probably don’t want to use Wirecard anymore! :joy:

Thanks for the info
I didn’t imagine anything like that