How can I include in-app purchase option in my app?

Can anyone tell me how can I include in-app purchase feature in my app?
I am using Thunkable X


Hey @sangamkumar3456lb1,

This isn’t available as a component right now.

Can you tell us how you’d use it if it were available?


@domhnallohanlon Can you share if in-app purchasing is in the works any time soon?

I’d like to add features that are optional but in one app. Option A is free/included. Option B (in-app purchase) adds additional functionality.


I am also interested in in-app purchases.

For my app, purchases would grant access to additional Firebase datasets. A solution I could see would be that a unique user token (based on the firebase authenticated userID) could be generated. The token would point to some sort of crosswalk (either developer or Thunkable generated) which would map the Firebase UserID to a Firebase Node.

@domhnallohanlon It would be great to have that option because my app also needs that component.

umm then what does blockchain wallet do?

@domhnallohanlon I would also like this, a user could unlock additional features that are more exclusive to paid users. It could also be to remove ads for the paid users.

Thanks again for all y’all’s help


I wold also like this option. We’d like to offer the user the ability to purchase access to more options. Any idea if this is in the pipeline?

hey @LuEllaBella pls take a look here - Understanding Stripe API (App demo link below)

It was my understanding that we couldn’t use stripe anymore, but I do see it is on their list updates coming soon to let us do in-app purchases.

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Even I would like that option, it’s honestly a great idea

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It is used for tracking money or adding or removing money from a bank account. Pls do not 100% trust this because I may be wrong.