[Solved] Can I highlight items in List viewer?

Hello all,

Need help in highlighting items in a list viewer based on certain DB conditions. For e.g. I need all those grocery items highlighted that cost more than $20. So in my DB i have columns for Grocery items and cost of item. Using the list i am able to pull all the grocery items but I also want to highlight the ones that cost more $20.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Using the list viewer, you can only do something like joining *** or something like that to the beginning/end of the list entry

You can’t highlight or change anything other than the text itself or it’s order. So you can add something to the entry so it stands apart from the rest. Could could alternatively build
A diy listviewer

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Thanks Jared. With your suggestion to add something that stands apart i was able to solve my problem!

great! I’m glad I could help, though youve marked your own words as the solution :wink:

could you post a picture of the blocks you used to accomplish this so others may benefit?

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:slight_smile: You are correct. I marked your answer as the solution. Here are blocks.

Since my previous list was just showing one column - I merged two columns to show in the list. The merging helped me in displaying more information in the list. Basically i declared two lists and then did a get and remove to the third list . Finally i displayed the third list. Thanks

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Great work With that List concatenation function!!! @ashwani.mathur3difzz

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