Combining text to make a list viewer visible without the "do if" block

im attempting to avoid having a 3,000 block long page of “do if, else if do” blocks by creating two invisible labels, using them as settings, and then combining them to determine what list viewer is to be made visible.

for my example, its cars. so, in a list viewer you select the year (which well say is 2000), then the make (well say bmw) so id like to use the “get text” and “join text” block to create the string “2000bmw” i have a column named bmw with list viewers all set to names like 2000bmw, 2002bmw, and so on.

but i have run into a wall trying to figure out which block lets me use the combined year and make as a name without using the “do if, else if do” blocks because the full app will have all makes and models of cars and id like to conserve blocks.

any suggestions?

im trying to AVOID whats on the right, and do something like whats on the left. but with components

To solve your problem, you need to use Any Components blocks, which allow you to set the names of components from a variable.

But it seems to me that you have chosen a suboptimal way of working with data. Why do you create separate lists for machines of different categories? You have all your car data stored in a single database. This means that you can use the filter to output data that matches the user’s query to the same list.

because i’m having a hard time working with the available data base options. i’m still tooling it on a separate project, but it seems that i’m having issues getting the information to display properly. i.e. all at once and not responding to filtering.

If you have access to AirTable, you can filter data using blocks or the AirTable REST API. See scrAirTableQuery in or scrFinder or scrGoogleSheetFilteredRecords for filter with blocks