Data Viewer List Airtable

Does anyone know how I can change the column? in Data Viewer List
By default the data viewer only allows you to view the data of a single column in airtable
and what I want to do is be able to navigate in the different columns and be able to see in the Data Viewer List
for example when I press the next button I want it to show the data of the next column

Can anybody help me please

Yes, You can do it by blocks.

Thanks for answering, how would the procedure with blocks be, because I have not found the way

You have two column in one screen?

watch when I click, on the corresponding category, I want the selected section to show in the list viewer, For example, if you press the pizza section in the app, then, in the list viewer it should show the pizza section

the problem is that I don’t know how to do it in the blocks, that’s the problem I have

When pizza click, view column 7(pizza)

Sure, but how do I do from the blocks because I don’t understand :pensive: :thinking:

When pizza option click, show pizza column.

This helps you?

Reply Please.

of course I understand perfectly, but what I want to do is that, in the list viewer shows the selected category

Yes, show the selected category

how would it be then, with the blocks, Can you help me please

I have one more idea to do this.

Here is an example, when I click on the corresponding section I want it to show the selected category in the list viewer

Hi @Vaiper_watafai

Try this

if finally this is what you were looking for, thank you very much
what I don’t understand is how you did it, how you have your database configured, because I want to do it with images

this is what i want to do basically

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I use local data source and fill it with all items of the selected category. The data viewer list is already connected with the local data source. Check the coding block

perfect thank you very much, I’ll try :smiley: :grinning:

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Thank you very much, it took me 2 whole nights to learn how to use it until I finally made it thanks to you