Adding components into list viewer

Ok, so what I exactly want is:
in my list viewer, I want 2 texts in a row to be shown :
Completed?, Not completed?
When not completed is clicked then 2 more options should be shown and that is what I want. So why I decided to put it in a list is because I have the details entered by the user shown in the list and also show these two options?

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A list by default has only one item per line and can display this item.

Of course you can join text together to show multiple items in one entry but you have to deal with formatting issues to make display correctly or add a new line block to display each item in two lines if possible.

You might find this demo I made useful:

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yes sir, thats working. But when user click on the text on the list item then two more texts should be visible? So how is that so?

I’m not sure where will I get the block?.. But the logic is somewhere close to mine so thank you.

should we use data viewer list for this?