Creating a checklist

I’m a beginner at Thunkable and I want to create a custom list where you can check or uncheck certain items. I figured out how to add custom items, but I’m not sure how to add the checkmarks near each one. Any help? I’m using the drag & drop interface.

Welcome to Thunkable!

How are you displaying the list? Are you using a Data Viewer List (DVL) or some other method?

With a DVL, you can create a custom layout and add a checkbox component to each row of the DVL.

you can start with these tutorials
Radio buttons demo (only one selection allowed)

this is a little more advanced it uses a DVL(data viewer list) instead of a regular list.
Demo: Checkbox effect for cloned "DVL" components (advanced DVL)

you can check out my demo fo using checkboxes (multiple selections)