Server error could not save one or more file

Hi guys, I’m founding an error how to resolve it… help me this error is occurring again and again. I’m unable to create my apps.
Server error: could not save one or more files. Please try again later! how to resolve this errors


If this occurs while working in the Thunkable X development environment, then it is possible that the account limit for projects has been exceeded. Do you add a lot of sound and graphic files to your projects?

i have not add any sound in my project. only graphic image use for sidebar is added.

i’m working on the classic platform

Clearly, you wrote the wrong line of discussion. i’m working on this project

“Server error: could not save one or more files. Please try again later!” - this error occurs when doing what? When do you import a graphic image into the project by dragging it into the import dialog?

I’m sending you my project and i want to make some changing in it. Want to resolve it.

by importing

Make changes in your project. You sent me not a project, but a link to the Thunkable Classic IDE. Project are exported to aia file.

Photoshop.aia (1.5 MB)

check it i have sent you

I launched your project on Android. A screen flash appeared, then the Technical Store screen opened after a few seconds. What is the error?

When i make changing in this project. Change the url of web facebook, instagram etc an error occur there. how to resolve it.

When I create an app in thunkable. Whenever I open it in Android an error appears Runtime Heap size and allocated size. And close application option is given below the size

Unfortunately, I do not know the reason of this.

Can you create an app for me . just want to make some changing in an app

Try asking your question in the Thunkable Classic branch. Perhaps, there experts will help solve your problems when creating applications for Android.

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