Screen in tab navigator takes time to shift if there's a loading icon on that screen

I have a screen with a loading icon inside a bottom tab navigator. When I try to move from that screen to a different screen while the loading icon is rotating, it take time (2-3 seconds) to change screens. Sometimes it’s so slow that I have to wait for the loading icon to disappear before shifting screens. However, when I try to shift from a screen in the same navigator that does NOT have a loading icon, it moves smoothly and immediately.

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Well, these issues in normal life are related to space but I hope you are not facing that issue, it must be something different do reply back to let us know.

I think there are some problems with using the loading icon in Android.

You can use a LottieFiles animation instead and it shouldn’t affect the rest of the code.


I’m sorry, I don’t get what you mean by normal life?

Ohhh, ok. Thanks for the info!