Thunkable default component Loading icon don't work after esterday

Thunkable default component Loading icon don’t work after esterday.

Don’t work neither in old project and nor new project.

please help.

This is also about Thunkable X Cross Discuss category.

To search for bugs, use this tool. The loading icon works for me on Android and iOS.

The loading icon don’t works for me on Android and iOS :frowning: how to fix this thunkable bug?

You started my project by reference and in the upper left corner there is no “loading icon” component on the screenshot?

Hi there,
I have a lot of old project using loading icon.It both works for me.

yes, but when i can try put loading icon (for example) in screen2.start event don’t open screen2, white screen. how i can show you my project? i think this is bug of thunkable?

I’m sorry, I did not understand. Does Loading Icon work well in my project?

If it works in my project, but not in yours, then this means that when loading in your project there is some kind of error when working with objects.

You can show your blocks, but is it better to give a link to your project in a personal message?

It seems that was thunkable bug, he corrected himself and works in the new project and the old one


Thank you :slight_smile: