Code not running on start

i updated my app today and it was great (fully functioning) until few hours ago.
and now, whenever i launched it, it stuck on first screen.
and it stoped when i designed (not any single code running)
actually when it starts, i change label one of my loading messages but it isnt working now.

and what i really dont understand is, all of my past versions having same problem.
every version and even thunkable live has same symptom

what should i do??

FYI, apple and google permited this app like few hours ago.

Are your block in the Open Event? This week a bug appeared causing the Open Event on android devices not to execute


yes yes.
actually there were ‘there was no anything but white screen’ happens a few times in this week. when i tested by apple.

and now im having trouble in iOS. not tested on android oh god.

  • i checked android too. both OS are SAME

what i really dont understand is, how can whatever this bug is affect apks already published which were totally fine

is there anyone knowing about this? is thunkable app always connect to company or something at start?

somebody help me. this is emergency. uploaded on github too.

Please check the troubleshooting docs and are you using any thing like a drawer navigator or top tab navigator or a bottom tab navigator etc… if yes, make sure you have kept the components inside the navigator

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you mean this one?

and yes im using top and bottom navigator both.
i done this before. am i using wrong?

this was all correct and you were using it well

but you think (or know) there is some issue about navigators right?

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I need to see your blocks and can you show me please.

its like this at first screen

it said in korean so you may not understand though
like i said, my app is not running at least one of these codes.
it was, and it isnt now.

The last update has some issues with the [Open] event of the screen.

yes i heard that… so what can we do now?

i already went through droped away my five months working project becuz it turned out, i used so many codes so if i insert one line more then thunkable doesn’t save. so i made it like 99% but i can’t add any single code so i droped it (becuz it was too hard to reducing codes and if i did but oviously i need more in the future) it was so terrible experience becuz i made it day and night so hard.

please thunkable team dont do this to me… seriously… :sob:

Can you share a screenshot of the blocks you are using @saramdl.gaunde021?

That doesn’t sound right - are you trying to connect to an API somewhere that is having issues?

Thanks - will take a look there now too

Are you doing any error handling here? If there’s an error when your app opens that can cause the crash.

Also noticing that you have two functions with empty sockets - you’re missing the starting values for _tempList, _randomNumber, _lon, and _lat - this seems like a very likely source of errors.

This sounds like completely separate - and serious - issue. How many blocks do you have in your project in total?

here, loading animation and label
and blocks here Code not running on start - #10 by saramdl.gaunde021

oh i never thought about that. so you think it is not possible that if thunkable team changed something, but it never affect apk files (or iOS too) already published right?

functions have no problem. it is intended to. just temporary variables only birth and terminate in those functions. but i think may API you mentioned cause problem. i used many of it.

actually we talked about this before, i dont think i express accurately but.
i counted now and there are 15 screens and total 27,577 codes :laughing::sob: its crazy right?
at most almost 5 thousand codes in a screen. obviously becuz im not a good programmer but second of all there were same function since we cannot use function globally here (i know there is someway using timer but sometimes it has some limit so)

Nope. APIs are just fine
i can’t imagine what changes and my apps (including more than 5 previous versions) doesnt working suddenly.

i found one.

like this structure, i used navigator in navigator.
still there is error i couldn’t find yet, beside it, when i nagivate a screen in navigator then it stops.
so i moved screen outside nagigator, then it works.

i don’t know why this happen but @v.krishna mentioned there is navigator issue, so i tried and that was right. @domhnallohanlon

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and firebase realtime db isn’t working. i mean cloud variable and realtime block too.
if i get them to print, it just saying “null”

i double checked database url and api key and they remain just fine.

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Create a new project using the API keys and database URL to check connectivity with the Firebase RTDB and check if you are getting null.

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