When screen (starts/opens) issue on Android

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I noticed that everything that is related to the “when screen opens or starts” function is not working on Android( but working on iOS). I saw a few topics here talking about that, but there are not any solutions. That’s kind of problematic, can you help me handle with that, solve this issue?


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Can you please state you issue? Explain what you did and what were you expecting and what actually happened.

Also show your coding blocks or share the link to your project.

There is currently no issues related to screen opens/starts on Android.

Sure. As the screen I attached shows, it’s supposed to open a loading page, then when it opens, wait X seconds and navigate to the home page of the application (core). On Android, when the loading page (HomeloadPage) opens, nothing happens, while on iOS everything works as expected by the blocks.

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I just made a quick project of two screens and in one screen I make it navigate to the other screen and tested it on Android at least 20 times. It never failed.


Did you tested with the Thunkable live mobile app ?

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I tested it in both computer and mobile.

Thanks. I agree that it works on tests, without paying attention of if it’s on computer or mobile. But once the the app is processing on the Google PlayStore, and published, this is not working anymore.

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Build APK and test it in your phone before publishing it to Google Play. It should not make any issue.

Building APK is free.

Sure. Understand that I am not and was not the only person facing this issue.
Check at that : When Screen Opens/Starts not working
Issue with "when Screen Starts" event since Jan 12, 2021 - #48 by 83c4d26aa4d240

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I mean, I used the block that I attached, that’s not working on Android and I am not alone dealing with this problem. This block should work.

You are referencing a post from the beginning of the year. it the issue persisted you wouldn’t see no update on it since February.


See this in the same post you referred saying the issue is solved

Ok , that is not solving my problem but thanks for your time. The only thing is that I am not seeing any solutions in these posts

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The post discusses TWO issues. The use of navigators and and issue about Screen Stars (not opens).

This posts clearly solves the screen starts issue.

You are searching in the wrong places.

Thank you.

Wish you a happy life. Peace :v:

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