List Viewer not set on Screen Open

Hi Guy,

need opinion on store variable. maybe my block is wrong somewhere else.
It worked on ios but in android does not display anything.



The start and open events have a variety of irregularities between platforms and navigators. To test the issue, try using a button on screen 2 and see if you can populate the label. To understand when start and open events occur, I have found it helpful to use the SPEAK/SAY blocks. You will definitely discover some interesting behaviors.

Happy Thunking.

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I replicated the problem on my android device. If there is a loading_icon on the screen, the open event does not occur. Do you have a loading_icon? Visible or not Visible does not matter.

Here is a sample. it works on Live Preview Web, but not on android. :frowning:

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you mean i have to create button at screen 1 to navigate to screen 2?

This appears to be a new bug, but hopefully it will be resolved soon. In the meantime, you may need to consider these options:

  1. Use the start even instead of open event
  2. Remove loading icon
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i think you are right, i just test it and worked on android.
need to use start instead of open.

thank you for your help.

It hasn’t been fixed. Any update?