Beautiful new Bottom Tab Navigator

Hey there,

the new tab bar is a huge step for thunkable, because it can handle icons and works out of the box.

However I am facing problems with my language packs. Does anyone considers multilanguage apps as important and can help me to set the tabBarLabel dynamically for different languages?

Help is highly appreciated.


a further feature would be the option: default.Start.Screen.

To understand this, start whatapp on your phone: it will start in the 4th Screen, the “Chat”-Screen and not everytime on the most left screen.

dear developers,

I think there is still some space for improvement for the bottom tab navigator:

  1. icons are flickering on screenchange. it seams that the icon is erased and loaded new on every screenchange. maybe you can skip the erasing and just overwrite the icon to avoid flickering.

  2. complete screen is flickering. A second look reveals, that in the first step the screen starts on top at the border, and then after milliseconds the status bar is loaded and the screen shifts downwards, which causes the “flickering”. This appears with or without status bar set to visible.

Maybe this appears only in large apps. You can use my public app “local” as an example:

Somebody may say these are nuances and details. I think this will make my users avoid using my app and thereby they will avoid paying for the app or connected services, which makes me avoid using thunkable for serious app development :roll_eyes:, and this would be sad :worried:


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yes, the refreshing of the icons and uploaded images is very distracting. Any way to fix it?

Hi Loh_Jordan,

only @thunkable can fix it. I would like to help but have no insights in the expo sourcecode.

keep thunking,

We’ve got this on our internal bug queue as something to fix.


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Also it would be great if you could add features for better UI, for example making connections between tabs so users can now the tabs are steps or a continuum; and more settings for swipe between screens, e.g, on screen 2 do not allow swipe, on screen 3 allow only swipe to the left, etc.

it still there
and the top bar is to heigh … on the iPhone 11 pro max