When will there finally be icons available for the Tab Navigator?


when can we finally add icons to the tab navigator? For now none of the available navigators in Thunkable iOS / X looks finished or nice. I would love starting to build apps with the features available yet and explore the limits/possibilities and give feedback but if I cannot even create a beautiful interface, building apps is not really fun to me :confused:

Really hope to see this essential feature in your next changelog!


Hi there,

Yes, this is high on our list. It won’t be in the next release but will forward this request to our developers so they know that users really want it.


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thanks @Chris for this early feedback.

It would be nice to have at least the material-icons-font.ttf symbol collection to choose from.

In addition to that the tab navigator should be usable to not only change from one Screen to another Screen but also to use as buttons. just start SAFARI on your iphone and you will understand what I mean.
-> maybe this aspect is a new component as well so for the beginning just focus on the icons, as @Chris pointed out.
(I like your strong focus on beautiful design. This is really important to be successful on apple devices!)


@albert I hope you will add this soon. the combination of tab navigator inside the stack navigator is working well. But you need to add the icons, begging for that! the stack navigator is fine, if one built the head by oneself with a row and buttons. trust me, navigation is very standardized in iOS, so thunkable users will love standard icons in the tab navigator.

half a year later and you did not manage to add this :roll_eyes:

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I am looking forward to the announcement on wednesday. I am sure, they will present this, because EVERY iOS app has it (okay maybe 85% :roll_eyes:)

Not having this after wednesday would be really strange. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

… of course I do not want to put pressure on the developer team :yum: (we just all would be really excited about icons in the tab bar :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:)


…hmm , I will build a workaround with 1 row, 3 columns and 6 buttons.

I hope @thunkable team will remove the problematic fixed paddings of the buttons or let paddings and margins be customized.

I showed thunkable enthusiastically to a usability designer in our agency this week. The first thing she asked was where she can customize the buttons :confused:

Yes, we are fully aware of these problems and working to fix them.

Selfmade Tab navigator with icons :hugs:


How did you do?


Hey, looks very promising !

I have opened it and it seems that doesn’t show any data, I guess that this is because it tries to get it from your firebase account. Any hints on how to fix it?

Hi rescondio,

yes, that is the reason. I think if you follow the trace of functions from the Screen1_Search.Opens - Block, there should be a block somewhere which can be clipped in instead of the realtime-block. Then it generates some sample data to work with. But the app will have limited functionality because the Google APIs lie on the Realtime DB as well.

hey dear friend,

you might finally close this thread (bottom tab navigator in the recent release)