Tab navigators and nonvisible web component

hope the tab navigators can add icon.

and the web component is important,
I hope can add it as soon as possible,
Otherwise, cannot communicate with the background server,cannot call the api……

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Got it – thanks for the feedback. Both are really important requests.

Albert @Thunkable

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thank you,please add a method to list can append item,and add the Initialize event for screen.

Hi there. We actually have a way to add to a List View – it’s a bit different than how you’d do it on Android but see the doc below for more information:

Albert @ Thunkable

dear how is tab navigator creates in thunkable
please reply answer of this


Using the buttons and design you can simulate tabs with icons. A screenshot of my iPhone’s screen is below.

As icons I use Unicode characters. Between the buttons the spacer is in the form of a empty Label. The line is the bottom border of the Row.