[Solved] Bottom Tab navigator cut in half

Hello! my app is ok in the thunkable platform. However, when I download the apk, my Bottom Tab navigator is cut in half. What could be happening?


Its my app on thunkable live:

Hey @brunoborgez, great to see you again!

I really like the design of your app, so let’s try figure out what’s happening with your navigator.

First question - have you changed the sizing of any of the screens inside the tab navigator?

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Hi, @domhnallohanlon!
I don’t remember changing that. I already tried to create a new Bottom Tab Navigator and change the screens that are inside it, but that also didn’t solve the problem :frowning:

can you send a link?

Interesting. Both of your screenshots look like there’s quite a gap at the top of the screen - is that intentional?

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of your component tree too please @brunoborgez?

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After a few hours I was able to fix it. The previous screen (my splash screen where I load all the data from the app) had the translucent status bar active. When finished loading, the app opened and threw all the content down, generating a gap. After disabling the translucent status bar on the previous screen, the bottom tab navigator returned to normal operation. thanks for the help, @domhnallohanlon!