Issues with Bottom Tab Navigator on Thunkable Live

Hi there guys,

I’ve been working with the Bottom Tab Navigator for a long time now, without experiencing any issues.
From a couple of days something has changed.
In the Thunkable Live, when i try to click to one of the images to change the screen it doesn’t work properly.
I need to press it quite a few times for make it work.
There are no blocks involved, no timers, no variables, it just takes its time.

Are there any known issues with Thunkable Live lately regarding this component?
I need to send the new release for this app soon and I dont want this “bug” will be uploaded too.

Thank you again for your help!

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Hi @maurizio.polverini89, sorry to hear you are seeing an issue here. Is this for Android or iOS? We have no known issues with any of the navigators not working as expected. I have just made a similar app and tested it with Thunkable Live for Android and iOS with no issues in moving between screens. Are you using 362-4 for iOS and 362-6 for Android?

I had this same issue. I had a video tied to one of the tab buttons, and I was doing some forced screen rotation. Anyway, all that to say, when it was done, it would occasionally freeze the tab navigator. It seemed the app was trying to clear memory/objects, and it would freeze until done. I simplified some of the code, and it seemed to help.

It shouldn’t happen, but I just wanted to acknowledge I saw the same behavior, and I was curious if you were doing anything with video…

EDIT: My issue has been on iOS. I have not test Android yet.

I’(still) m experiencing this issue with Android, i dont know about iOS

Yes, i’m using the latest version available which is the one you mentioned for Android

@maurizio.polverini89 The issue has become more apparent when I remove the lable and just use an image. Certainly, the clickable area to change screens seems to be more toward the bottom of each icon.

Yes, i can see that the Tab Navigator now only works if I press the label underneath the image - but i’m sure before it wasn’t like this, has something changed?

Can I do something to make it work also if a user click on the image?
Right now, customers might think it’s not working properly (as I did) and just unistall the app.

Like always, thank you for your time and patience

Perhaps there is something different with the clickable area of the icon(s)? I am not sure and would have to check with the engineering team.

I am not quite sure I understand this:

To confirm the tab for the users, likely just changing the active background color to something that stands out will be your best best so they know which page they are on.
Screenshot 2023-02-03 at 11.24.14 AM

Thank you very much!

I meant that i wish it can work like before, when user could change the screen just clicking on the icon and not just on the label.

Thank you for investigating, keep me posted!

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