[Bug] Tab Navigators

Hello everyone and developers

I want to report a prossible bug or error in the tab navigators components. I will describe the issue that happened to me:

  1. Added bottom tab navigator
  2. Disabled visibility of the navigator
  3. I didn´t obtain the result that I wanted, so I deleted the tab navigator component
  4. Added a Top tab navigator
  5. Live app on android crashed
  6. Reinstall the app
  7. The navigator didn´t showed up neither on android nor iOS live app. And I didn´t find any visibility option for the top navigator.
  8. Deleted top navigator
  9. Added the bottom navigator
  10. Noticed that the visibility option was still disabled, so I enabled it
  11. Deleted the bottom navigator
  12. Added once again the top navigator
  13. Everything was ok, the navgator dis show up this time.

I hope this helps!



Would you mind please reporting the bug via https://github.com/thunkable/thunkable-issues/issues/new/choose?



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